Potatoes are becoming more appealing to Australia’s innovative home chefs who are searching for the next exciting food trend, according to new consumer research.

The industry-funded Potato Tracker project has indicated that ‘Eager Explorers’, those seeking new foods with interesting tastes, colours and textures, are most likely to purchase potatoes that can be used in a range of different dishes.

“In recent times we have seen new and colourful potato varieties with red skin or purple flesh become more widely available. It is encouraging to see that consumers are willing to try new varieties and experiment with different potato dishes,” said AUSVEG spokesperson Alexander Miller.

“The potato is a versatile vegetable, and seeing consumers explore different ways that it can be used is exciting for the industry.”

AUSVEG is the leading horticultural body representing more than 2,000 Australian potato growers.

The latest report, which is the tenth in the project, also shows that potatoes are being used increasingly in European and Asian dishes.

“Eager Explorers are more willing to experiment with ingredients such as potato in new ways and in international cuisines, including Italian, Indian and Thai,” said Mr Miller.

“The research also shows that more traditional methods of preparation are still popular, with mashing and roasting proving to be mainstays with consumers who have traditionally purchased potatoes.”

“Potatoes are a true all-rounder that can be incorporated into many cuisines year-round. As we move into spring, we can also expect to see many potato dishes, such as potato salads, served up at barbecues across Australia.”

“Given the versatility and healthiness of the potato, we encourage all Australians to explore the multitude of culinary opportunities that spuds will present this spring.”

The Potato Tracker project is being conducted in consultation with industry by consumer research organisation Colmar Brunton, and is designed to measure consumer behaviour and perceptions in relation to potatoes.

This project has been funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia using the National Fresh Potato Levy and funds from the Australian Government.


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