The launch of the Australian Manufacturing and Farming Program (AMFP) at Parliament House in Canberra today has been welcomed by AUSVEG.

The national launch of the program, which aims to improve connections between Senators, Members of Parliament and the manufacturing and farming industries, took place at Federation Mall this morning.

“Australian vegetable and potato growers’ concerns are often set aside by the nation’s decision makers, so it is great to see a program attempting to remedy this situation,” said AUSVEG Communications and Public Affairs Manager, William Churchill.

AUSVEG is the National Peak Industry Body representing Australia’s 9,000 vegetable and potato growers.

“I commend Senator John Madigan for getting such an excellent initiative off the ground and acknowledge the support he has received from the Hon Bob Katter MP and Senator Nick Xenophon in reaching this point. The AMFP will assist the Australian agricultural and manufacturing sectors by ensuring that their issues are more widely considered in the national political debate,” said Mr Churchill.

The AMFP is a non-partisan initiative which is designed to highlight the critical roles that these industries play in Australia’s development.

“Senator Madigan announced his intention to establish a program of this type in his maiden speech as a newly elected member of the Senate. Today’s launch represents the fruition of these intentions and an exciting new era for the Australian horticulture industry, as well as for wider members of the agriculture and manufacturing sectors.”

“AUSVEG hopes that having our elected representatives share the experiences of the land with growers will help to bridge the current understanding gap,” said Mr Churchill.

“While today’s launch aims to improve connections between vegetable growers and politicians, the real test will be to see if the concerns of industry are recognised by the Gillard Government, or if these issues will continue to be, on the whole, set aside by those in power.”

“The current issue relating to the proposed importation of potentially diseased fresh potatoes from New Zealand is just one example where the Gillard Government is ignoring the concerns of industry. We hope that this program will improve communications between our growers and our political representatives in Canberra,” said Mr Churchill.


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