AUSVEG, the National Peak
Industry Body for Australia’s 9,000 vegetable and potato growers, has welcomed
the government’s announcement of the National Innovation and Science Agenda,
saying that growers and the industry alike will benefit from this strong commitment
to innovation.
“It is very exciting to see that the Australian Government has made such a
substantial commitment to fostering innovation in this country, as it has the
potential to establish Australia as a hub for the next generation of technology
and ideas that will shape the future of agriculture,” said AUSVEG spokesperson
Shaun Lindhe.
“This commitment to innovation can also be hugely beneficial for Australian
growers, who are already considered world-leaders in applying ground-breaking
research and development (R&D) in the field and in their businesses.”
“The Australian vegetable and potato industries already invest in automated
robotic technology that has the potential to revolutionise global agriculture,
with the ‘ladybird’ intelligent farm robot testament to this innovative
“The future in agriculture will be driven by further innovations in
productivity and technology, with incentives such as the National Innovation
and Science Agenda an important driver for agribusinesses, researchers and
other entrepreneurs to bring new and creative ideas to life.”
The National Innovation and Science Agenda aims to increase collaboration
between industry and researchers, support entrepreneurs and build upon existing
initiatives targeted at innovation.
“While Australia is considered a leader in agricultural research and
development, commercialising that R&D for the benefit of growers and
industry is an area that has extensive potential,” said Mr Lindhe.
“Hopefully the National Innovation and Science Agenda will encourage more
collaboration between business, industry and researchers to ensure the
financial benefits that result from business partnerships between these sectors
can flow back onto our shores and our vegetable and potato farms.”
“It is encouraging to see that the Australian Government is committed to help
growers not only survive whatever the future of agriculture brings, but to
thrive and become world-leaders. This is a commitment that will benefit all

Shaun Lindhe, Manager – Communications, AUSVEG
Phone: (03) 9882 0277, Mobile: 0405 977 789, Email: