Richard Mulcahy, the CEO of AUSVEG, the National Peak Industry body representing around 7,000 vegetable growers, addressed industry leaders in Mandurah today. Speaking at the Landmark regional conference, Mulcahy informed them of them of the cutting edge knowledge management system now at their disposal.

This system provides a wealth of information from an online database to growers, agronomists and the horticultural industry as a whole. Using search engine technology, users can locate in-depth reports in a timely and efficient manner. It is important that this information is readily accessible as growers may only have a number of hours to respond to threats, such as aggressive pests and diseases, which have the potential to destroy entire crops.

The database contains cutting edge information about issues such as pests and diseases, climate change and business development, and is updated constantly. Over $14 million is invested by the industry into research and development each year. Mr Mulcahy said one of AUSVEG’s responsibilities is to ensure this funding is invested into projects that best meet the changing needs of the industry.

The system forms part of the Vegetable Industry Development Plan which aims to assist the growth of the Vegetable and Potato industries in Australia. “The horticulture industry has a gross value of $9.24 billion, which is up 26 percent from 2005/06, and we are now challenging the beef industry as one of the most significant primary industries in Australia,” Mr Mulcahy said.

Mr Mulcahy also said that “many growers are still without a computer in their homes”, and for this reason it is important to inform agronomists like those at Landmark of the R&D database, as they are who growers often turn to when they have an issue. Agronomists specialise in ensuring grower’s crops remain healthy and provide bountiful yields. Landmark is one of Australia’s leading agricultural re-sellers.

The Knowledge Management system can be accessed via the AUSVEG website which is Agronomists and vegetable growers can get access for free and are encouraged to contact AUSVEG on 03 9822 0388 if they are having difficulty getting access.

The AUSVEG website was recently redeveloped through the Vegetable Industry Development Program funded by the National Vegetable Levy with matched funds from the Australia Government.


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