The National Peak Industry Body representing vegetable growers, AUSVEG, has put the call out to the vegetable growing community numbering some 7,000 growers to get online, amid concerns that a dearth of tech savvy growers could be creating barriers to the adoption of the industry’s latest research and development.

AUSVEG spokesperson Andrew White said that it was important that growers took the opportunity to get online, with over $14 million invested in R&D every year to benefit the industry and the community.

“The vegetable industry has recently invested in a database system which centralises all the research and development undertaken by the industry since the early 2000s in one database. It’s critical that growers register online and use this resource so we’re putting out the call to any growers who don’t have access to contact us and register for access to this new resource,” Mr White said.

“Much of the research in the database addresses critical issues in Australia’s food production systems, such as the best practices to deal with pests and diseases. If there was ever an incentive for growers to join up to the website and access this data store, it’s now,” he said.

“At the moment, radio and print are king when it comes to getting the message out to growers.”

“One of the issues we do have is the technology barrier that is created when rural communities don’t have adequate access to the latest internet technologies. Whether it’s a national broadband network or some other internet proposal, rural communities need faster and more contemporary speeds.”

“At the moment, it’s like living in the 1990s. Many of our growers are still on dial-up and use fax rather than the internet to communicate, often through no fault of their own.”

“The AUSVEG website is now an important resource for growers, with access to a wide variety of material on everything from skills development to soil health and consumer and market information,” Mr White said.

The new AUSVEG website can be accessed via Vegetable growers can get access for free and are being encouraged to contact AUSVEG on 03 9822 0388 if they are having difficulty getting access.

The AUSVEG website was recently redeveloped through the Vegetable Industry Development Program funded by the National Vegetable Levy with matched funds from the Australia Government.


MEDIA CONTACT: Andrew White, Manager – VIDP Communications, AUSVEG Phone: (03) 9822 0388, Mobile: 0409 989 575, Email: