AUSVEG has welcomed measures introduced in this month’s Federal Budget to have Australia Post play a more substantial role in paying for the screening of international mail for biosecurity risks.

The removal of a Commonwealth Government subsidy will result in Australia’s primary and most extensive postal service taking on a bigger role in the funding of biosecurity screening.

“Given the significant costs incurred by the Australian vegetable and potato industry in ensuring its biosecurity obligations are met, AUSVEG welcomes this move to have Australia Post take on a fairer share of the costs of screening procedures that keep this country safe from pests and diseases,” said AUSVEG Biosecurity Coordinator Dr Jessica Lye.

“Australian vegetable and potato growers shoulder a large burden of cost for Australia’s food safety, and it is only fair that others involved in the international supply chain contribute to maintaining Australia’s high food safety standards and biosecurity integrity.”

“It is vitally important that everybody pulls their weight to ensure we have the biosecurity protocols in place to keep this country free from some of the nastier pests and diseases that have ravaged fresh produce industries overseas.”

AUSVEG is the leading horticultural body representing more than 9,000 Australian vegetable and potato growers.

“Australia’s biosecurity screening program has given it a strong reputation as a producer of clean and safe vegetable and potato produce, and it is important that reputation is maintained,” said Dr Lye.

“While we have natural advantages due to our geographical location, we cannot afford to be complacent, as recent biosecurity outbreaks in this country have shown.”

“A coordinated and extensive biosecurity screening process is vital in protecting the Australian vegetable and potato industry from pests and diseases, which could affect both our national food security and ability to export overseas.”

“It is pleasing to see the Federal Government taking steps to ensure the cost burden of protecting our borders from biosecurity threats does not disproportionately fall on the shoulders of Australia’s vegetable and potato growers.”


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