The Peak Industry Body for the vegetable and potato industries today welcomed the Coalition’s plan for agriculture delivered by Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Food Security, John Cobb, at a breakfast in Sydney on Thursday morning. 

Amongst the policies outlined were commitments to encouraging new farmers to focus on trade through grants to assist with export registration costs, as well as assistance for minor use programs. 

“We’re pleased with the announcements made today that the Coalition has put some new money into agriculture and is focused on making it one of the pillars of a successful economy,” said AUSVEG Public Affairs Manager, William Churchill. 

Part of the Coalition’s approach to agriculture involved maintaining Australia’s clean biosecurity image. Australia’s isolation by water was identified by the Shadow Minister as the country’s greatest defence and marketing advantage when it came to biosecurity.

“Biosecurity will be key to Australia’s market access programs in the future so long as we keep the pests and diseases plaguing other countries out of ours,” said Mr Churchill. 

The Coalition also announced $8 million for assistance with minor use programs, as well as winding back the new regulations for crop protectants that were passed in the last parliament. 

“Minor use is an area the vegetable sector spends $750,000 on each year maintaining access to products so growers can have proper chemical rotation programs. Without a range of products, growers will face massive resistance issues with pests, and this will threaten their sustainability,” said Mr Churchill.

AUSVEG has also welcomed the statement to wind back the recent changes to ag-vet chemical laws that will make it easier for new chemistry to reach the market.

“The vegetable industry should be satisfied that the Coalition has horticulture on its radar and that agricultural policy, as well as improvements to mobile phone reception and anti-dumping legislation, are going to assist our sector,” said Mr Churchill.


MEDIA CONTACT: William Churchill, Public Affairs Manager, AUSVEG. 
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