Vegetable industry body AUSVEG has welcomed the announcement that two leading agribusinesses, Staphyt and Peracto, will officially merge on 1 July 2016 to create a global agricultural contract research organisation.
Peracto, based in Tasmania, is one of Australia’s largest private agricultural research organisations and an AUSVEG Strategic Partner. Staphyt is one of the fastest-growing international agroscience businesses, operating in 12 countries and around 70 sites across Europe.
“This merger is great news for the Australian vegetable and potato industries as it will create a highly specialised, global group that will offer enhanced agricultural research and consultation services to growers,” said AUSVEG National Marketing Manager Nathan McIntyre.
“Australia’s vegetable and potato growers will be able to benefit from the combined resources and specialty services of both companies, which include agronomic research and regulatory advice, new product development for agricultural inputs, crop variety trials, cooperative research work and much more.”
“This announcement reiterates that the Australian horticulture industry is leading the way into the future and highlights that Australian agribusinesses continue to remain active and forward-thinking in the global marketplace.”
AUSVEG is the leading horticultural body representing Australia’s 9,000 vegetable and potato growers.
“The decision for Staphyt to extend its services to the Asia Pacific and merge with a leading local agribusiness in Peracto – its first acquisition outside Europe – signifies that the Australian horticulture industry is certainly attracting the attention of our international counterparts through its innovation and continuous development,” Mr McIntyre said.
“AUSVEG prides itself on partnering with leading agribusinesses to further strengthen its representation of Australia’s vegetable and potato growers. Both Peracto and Staphyt are leaders and experts in agricultural research services.”
“As an AUSVEG Strategic Partner for the past five years, Peracto is a committed supporter of Australian horticulture. Following the merger, we look forward to continue working closely with both Peracto and Staphyt into the future.” 

McIntyre, AUSVEG National Marketing Manager

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