AUSVEG, the National Peak Industry Body for Australian vegetable and potato growers, has welcomed the Prime Minister’s acknowledgement of the importance of investment in agribusiness as part of his announcement of an election to be held on 7 September.

Prime Minister Rudd acknowledged that the mining boom, led by Chinese demand for Australian resources, was coming to an end and that it was important for the nation to ‘stop putting all of its eggs in one basket’.

“It is pleasing to see that agribusiness will be an important item on the political agenda as we approach the election on Saturday 7 September,” said AUSVEG Chief Executive Officer, Richard Mulcahy.

AUSVEG is the leading voice in Australian horticulture, representing the interests of 9,000 Australian vegetable and potato growers.

“It is time for Australian politicians to recognise the importance of agriculture to our economy. The mining boom is coming to an end, and we need to embrace the dining boom, which will be led by Australian food producers,” said Mr Mulcahy.

“The future leaders of our country must assist all Australian food producers in accessing and developing export markets. The produce grown by our farmers is some of the best in the world and it is imperative that Australian growers can easily meet the growing demand for our food overseas,” said Mr Mulcahy.

“It is also essential that the struggling food processing industry in Australia is supported to avoid the loss of the industry,” said Mr Mulcahy.

In the past two years, five food processors, including the iconic Rosella, have closed their Australian operations.

“Australian leaders must acknowledge the importance of agriculture for the future of our nation, and it is pleasing to see the Prime Minister identify the issue as one of importance in the upcoming election,” said Mr Mulcahy.


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