Australian potato growers
are keeping Australia’s shores free from harmful pests and diseases and gaining
real-world business success by engaging in industry-funded biosecurity
Six potato growers have detailed the rewards they have reaped from their
involvement in potato levy-funded research and development (R&D) in the
latest edition of Grower
Success Stories
, including two growers who have implemented
effective biosecurity measures on-farm.
“Maintaining vigilant biosecurity practices is a critical safeguard for keeping
Australia’s shores free from devastating pests, diseases and viruses, and
improving productivity for potato growing businesses,” said AUSVEG spokesperson
Shaun Lindhe.
“Biosecurity can also be an effective method to improve the profitability of
potato growing operations, as can be seen by the positive examples in the
latest edition of Grower
Success Stories
“Ensuring your property is protected from pests and diseases can also be vital
for an entire growing community, as outlined by a featured seed potato grower
from Crookwell, New South Wales who enforces strict biosecurity protocols on
his farm to uphold the area’s long-standing reputation as a producer of clean
potato seed.”
“This publication celebrates potato growers taking the initiative to become
involved with industry-funded R&D projects and highlights the potential
benefits that involvement in biosecurity activities can bring to growers.”
Grower Success Stories
is produced by National Peak Industry Body AUSVEG, the leading horticultural
body representing Australia’s 2,000 potato growers.
The publication also features growers who have utilised industry-funded
consumer research to tailor potato products to meet consumer demands. It also
includes growers who are tackling diseases through innovative techniques and
have travelled to key potato growing regions overseas to learn from leading
international researchers and growers.
“It is encouraging to see such a wide range of projects coming out of
industry-funded R&D initiatives and making a real difference to the way
that Australian potato growers conduct business and develop new farming
techniques,” said Mr Lindhe.
The Grower Success Stories
publication will be distributed with Potatoes
in coming days. It will also be made available on the
AUSVEG website.
The Grower Success Stories
publication has been funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia using the
National Potato Levies and funds from the Australian Government.


Shaun Lindhe, Manager – Communications, AUSVEG
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