“Recently released data has shown that vegetable prices are currently 18 per cent lower in comparison to what they were at this time last year”, said AUSVEG spokesperson Andrew White.

The Veginsights quarterly report containing the data is developed by the Vegetable Industry Development Program and provides economic and trend information to the vegetable industry.

The report compares prices from the last week of November 2010 to the last week in November 2011 and shows that the average overall price of vegetables is 17.8 per cent lower in this current year.

“The reason for the fall in prices is the oversupply of produce available in the wholesale markets in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane,” said Mr White.

AUSVEG is the National Peak Industry Body for 9,000 of Australia’s vegetable and potato growers.

The most significant reductions in comparative prices can be seen in the sales of capsicums, sweet corn, zucchinis, beans, cauliflowers and tomatoes.

“The overall category which has experienced the biggest drop in price in comparison to last year is salad vegetables, with a decrease of 21 per cent,” said Mr White.

“The prices of hard cooked vegetables fell by 15 per cent and soft cooked vegetables are 12 per cent cheaper this year compared to last year.”

“While the reduction in retail prices for vegetables is a positive for the hip pockets of consumers, we need to understand that when there is an oversupply of produce in the market it means that Australian vegetable growers suffer as they cannot sell the quantity which they are producing.”

“AUSVEG urges consumers to take advantage of the cheaper vegetable prices by buying up lots of fresh Australian vegetables over the holiday season.”

“This is the perfect time of year to be enjoying all of the delicious and high quality produce that we have available to us here in this country and by purchasing locally grown vegetables means we are not only supporting our growers, but also ensuring the future of the Australian vegetable industry,” said Mr White.


MEDIA CONTACT: Andrew White, Manager- VIDP Communications, AUSVEG
Phone: (03) 9822 0388, Mobile: 0409 989 575, Email: andrew.white@ausveg.com.au