Data from the Veginsights quarterly report has revealed that learning to love to cook could be a key tool in getting more consumers to purchase and eat vegetables.

AUSVEG spokesperson Andrew White said that responses showed that those who said they loved to cook had an average fruit and vegetable spend per week of $32.08 versus $26.96 for those who did not agree with the statement.

“This is an interesting result based on docket data and qualitative research and it indicates that positive steps in educating consumers about how to cook with vegetables and enjoy it can pay off,” Mr White said.

“When you analyse the results of the report, compared to the same time last year 76 per cent of shoppers are now saying they love to cook, versus 50 per cent who expressed the sentiment at the same time last year. Even taking into account variable factors, this represents a significant upsurge,” he said.

“This is further evidence of the link between consumers who are skilled at or enjoy cooking and the benefit that can be gained as a result of this in terms of vegetables sales. While it is clear that those who love cooking are inherently more likely to buy more vegetables to do so, the link is a significant one nonetheless.”

“According to the data, this change has been the result of a change in attitude by shoppers who previously did not love cooking, or who had previously said they held no particular view.”

The data was based on panel responses from a 1200-person panel called Mealpulse.

AUSVEG is the national peak industry body representing the interests of around 9,000 vegetable and potato growers around the country.

“There is scope to increase vegetable purchases further if we can educate consumers about how to cook with the great variety of vegetables that are available these days in our markets and in our stores. We are not talking about just those staple vegetables anymore. More and more, growth in the Asian vegetable market, for example, and other similar markets is increasing.”

“The change in attitude has been far reaching and it has had application to all states, ages and household types. Females (79%) were more likely to want to cook compared to males (63%), as were those over 50 years (78%) compared to under 25s (72%).”

The Veginsights reports are funded using the National Vegetable Levy with matched funds from the Australian Government.


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