The secret to healthy-looking skin could be as simple as eating your veggies, according to new international research that links the increased consumption of fruit and vegetables with a boost in the appearance of healthy skin.

The joint Australian and Scottish study from researchers at the University of Newcastle and the University of St Andrews has found that carotenoids, a type of pigment found in a variety of vegetables and fruit including carrots, sweetpotatoes, leafy greens and tomatoes, can increase colour in a person’s skin, improving perceptions of health and attractiveness.

“Researchers have found a positive correlation between the intake of some vegetables and, to a lesser extent, fruit consumed in a person’s diet and the ‘yellowness’ of their skin, with more fruit and veggies leading to the appearance of healthier skin in both exposed and unexposed areas of the body,” said AUSVEG spokesperson Shaun Lindhe.

“According to the researchers, previous studies of attractiveness have found skin with more yellow tones to be more appealing, even compared with tanned skin.”

AUSVEG is the leading horticultural body representing more than 9,000 Australian vegetable and potato growers.

The research report, published in journal Nutrients, monitored the diet of almost 200 Caucasian women aged between 18 and 29 for nine months, with scientists also measuring their skin colour at nine points on the body, from head to foot.

“It is suggested in this study that these results could be used to entice more young people to increase their fruit and vegetable intake, as previous research suggests highlighting the health messages alone has not increased the numbers of consumers eating the recommended intake of fruit and vegetables,” said Mr Lindhe.

“Relaying the benefits of eating vegetables to the public, whether they are related to health, well-being or any other benefit, is important in educating consumers on the importance of eating the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables, which is two and five servings respectively.”

“The health benefits of a vegetable-rich diet are well-documented, with high levels of vegetables of all varieties a vital component of a healthy, well-balanced diet.”

“As well as being good for skin appearance, the carotenoids that are found in a wide variety of vegetables can also act as an antioxidant and aid in preventing cancer.”

“AUSVEG has long promoted the importance of a diet rich in vegetables, and we encourage all Australians to consume a variety of veggies to ensure they’re receiving the advantages that vegetables give to the whole body.”

“It is important that all Australians are getting the advantages that vegetables bring to people’s diets, and relaying all of their benefits is important to improving consumption levels across all demographics.”

Shaun Lindhe, Senior Communications Officer, AUSVEG
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