Significantly more females than males are buying the most commonly available vegetables according to a new quarterly vegetable industry report released today.

“In the second quarter of this year Veginsights shows that more females purchased vegetables for all but one of the top ten products. This reinforces the trend from previous quarters, that females currently dominate purchasing of popular vegetable products,” AUSVEG spokesperson Andrew White said.

Mr White said the new data may have implications for market development, and would provide vegetable growers with a better understanding of their customers in order to plan new products and capture a greater share of the overall food market.

AUSVEG is the National Peak Industry Body representing the interests of 7,000 growers.

In the December 2009 quarter, on average, 76% of females purchased vegetables compared to 64% of males. The new data shows that females continue to have market influence.

“This data indicates an important and loyal customer base that growers must look to maintain in females and also an opportunity for growth in the male demographic,” Mr White said.

“Vegetable growers may now be looking to modify product lines and to understand why certain genders purchase particular varieties in order to appeal to a wider market.”

The Veginsights: The Market Q2 2010 report, designed to inform vegetable growers about consumers and markets, reveals that the only product purchased more by males than females was carrots, with around 72 per cent of males compared to 67 per cent of females purchasing the product in the second quarter.

“It’s interesting that carrots are the number one product purchased during the quarter on a weekly basis and also the only product purchased by more males than females. This would appear to indicate that preparation options for carrots continue to be widely accessible.”

“There has, however, also been a slight trend towards males purchasing more vegetables, with 13 percent of males versus 11 per cent of females purchasing more vegetables, and 78 per cent versus 73 per cent purchasing the same quantity as last quarter,” Mr White said.

The report also confirms that the seasoning lines of chilli and garlic continue to be popular with the male palette, with men purchasing more of these products than women, however, neither product made the top ten on a weekly basis.

“In general, the changes in product choice this quarter continued to reflect the vegetable preparation trends with a decline in products that are used in salads like tomatoes and lettuce. This change coincided with increases for low-cost products that are cooked including potato, carrots, pumpkin, mushroom and broccoli,” Mr White said.

The Veginsights reports are produced with funding from the National Vegetable Levy and matched funds from the Australian Government.


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