Australian grown labelling mix-ups in supermarkets proves that food labelling laws are not being enforced by State Governments.

‘Current food labels are misleading and confusing to consumers. Vegetable growers are keen to see the Australian grown labelling campaigns continue to promote Australian produce but they must be correct, Michael Badcock, AUSVEG Chairman said.

A recent Auspoll survey overwhelmingly highlighted the value that Australian consumers place on accurate labelling, with over 97% of respondents declaring that they believed accurate information is needed on where food products are grown.

‘Consumers may think they are buying Australian because they see the Aussie flag but in reality they might not be, because a sign has been put in the wrong place or removed altogether. This activity is disgusting and very ‘un-Australian’,’ Michael said.

Late last year the Ministerial Food Council voted that clear country of origin labelling must be made on non- packaged foods. It is the responsibility of the State governments to enforce this.

‘Enforcement of food labelling laws is virtually non-existent. Some states are making valid attempts but others are very poor,’ John Roach, AUSVEG CEO said.

‘I am surprised that the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission has downplayed the issue. They need to look at it again. Current food labelling isn’t just confusing, it is grossly misleading,’ John said.

‘If food labelling laws, as set by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), can so easily be dismissed, then you have to wonder why so much time and effort is made to write them. State Government’s must be held accountable to standards, do the right thing by their constituents and enforce them, John said.


John Roach, AUSVEG CEO: 0400 117 007

Michael Badcock, AUSVEG Chairman: 0438 282439