Growers around the country were inspired by the innovation of their peers after visiting some of southeast Queensland’s leading vegetable producers during the 2016 Horticulture Field Day.

The annual event was held on Sunday 26 June and featured a comprehensive tour of major vegetable growing operations Kengoon Farming Company and Kalfresh, which are located in the Kalbar region in southeast Queensland.

The Horticulture Field Day was held in conjunction with the National Horticulture Convention, which incorporated seven industry co-hosts and attracted over 1,500 delegates to RACV Royal Pines on the Gold Coast.

“The Horticulture Field Day was a chance for growers from across the country to unwind after the National Horticulture Convention and celebrate innovation and adaptation in horticulture by visiting some of the region’s leading properties,” said AUSVEG spokesperson Dr Jessica Lye.

“The Field Day also provided an invaluable opportunity for industry members to establish networks, share experiences and learn about the latest innovations in horticulture.”

The first stop on the itinerary was Kengoon Farming Company, which produces carrots, onions, green beans and sweet corn throughout the year.

“Delegates enjoyed the chance to view the inner workings of the farm with a walking tour and listen to presentations from owners Genevieve and Ed Windley,” said Dr Lye.

“Professor Neena Mitter from the University of Queensland also discussed RNAi application technology for the control of plant pathogens, which was well-received by attendees.”

The event also provided delegates with information on the latest growing techniques being used to maximise crop efficiency and productivity, and highlighted how growers can be involved in research projects to further the development of the industry.

“The visit to vegetable grower Kalfresh allowed attendees to view the packing shed and be inspired on the company’s carrot beer innovation, which is a creative way to reuse carrots that are not fit for sale and would otherwise go to waste,” Dr Lye said.

“The Field Day also featured presentations from Applied Horticultural Research CEO Dr Gordon Rogers and Dr Doris Blaesing from RM Consulting Group who discussed the levy-funded Soil Wealth project, as well as Len Tesoriero from the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries.”

“As Kalfresh is working closely with researchers on the Soil Wealth project, attendees were also given the chance to view the Soil Wealth trial site during a field walk to see the demonstration site in action.”

“The Field Day was a fantastic opportunity for growers to experience a wide variety of growing operations in the incredibly diverse Southeast Queensland region of Kalbar. Attendees enjoyed the opportunity to learn first-hand about the region’s farming practices and take home some new ideas that they can apply to their own operations in their home states.”


MEDIA CONTACT: Dr Jessica Lye, National Manager – Scientific Affairs, AUSVEG

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