Picking a mould from a mildew is now easier for vegetable growers, thanks to the latest range of pest and disease identification updates on the vegetable levy-funded smart device application, Veg Pest ID.

The app, released last year by Applied Horticultural Research, has been updated to include 13 vegetable varieties and more than 1,500 high resolution images of a wide range of pests, disorders and diseases which can also be accessed offline.

Veg Pest ID, which is also available in hard copy field guides, focuses on a range of vegetable commodity groups including sweetpotatoes, sweet corn, carrots, celery and parsley, babyleaf and brassica crops.

“Veg Pest ID is one of the latest levy-funded resources available to vegetable growers who want to easily identify diseases, disorders or pests that are a real threat to their crops,” said AUSVEG spokesperson Dimi Kyriakou.

“The app is more than just a library of information – it offers intuitive search functions, descriptions and current images that have been handpicked to help growers easily identify any problems they may face in the field.”

“You don’t need to be an expert in plant health to use this app; simply key in visible symptoms such as ‘a spot’ and it will deliver a range of possible causes for the problem.”

AUSVEG is the leading horticultural body representing more than 9,000 Australian vegetable and potato growers.

Veg Pest ID collates important information from existing books, management tools, fact sheets, posters and other outputs from vegetable industry-funded research projects in a comprehensive and easy-to-use layout.

“Most of the high resolution images in the app were commissioned by the project to ensure that growers were getting the most up-to-date and relevant information when identifying specific vegetable pests and diseases in their crops,” said Ms Kyriakou.

“As growers sometimes find themselves in areas with weak phone reception, the app can be accessed offline, ensuring that the information is always a few taps away.”

“Given how easy it is to update the app, as more information becomes available, it can be streamlined straight into the grower’s pocket.”

The development of the application was funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia using the National Vegetable Levy and funds from the Australian Government.

A summary of the application features in the latest issue of Australia’s most widely distributed vegetable industry magazine, Vegetables Australia. The magazine is available free of charge to all who pay the National Vegetable Levy, industry members and those interested in the vegetable industry.


MEDIA CONTACT: Ms Dimi Kyriakou, Senior Communications Officer/Editor, AUSVEG

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