Godfrey Dol, who grows tomatoes and eggplant as part of a major greenhouse facility in Guyra, NSW, has today been honoured as a joint winner of the 2013 NSW Farmer of the Year.

Mr Dol, Technical and Business Development Manager at Blush Tomatoes, shares the award with Dubbo Merino breeders Matthew and Cherie Coddington. 

“The greenhouse facilities overseen by Mr Dol are state-of-the-art, highlighting how Australian horticulture is at the cutting edge of global research and development (R&D),” said AUSVEG Spokesperson Hugh Gurney.

AUSVEG is Australia’s leading horticultural body representing more than 9,000 vegetable and potato growers.

Mr Dol contributes to the vegetable industry as a member of the Consumer Alignment Design Team which drives R&D investment through the National Vegetable levy.

“Growers like Mr Dol are selected to these Design Teams because they are recognised as leaders within the Australian horticulture industry. Today’s award highlights how local growers are among some of the most innovative and highly-skilled members of the broader agriculture sector in Australia,” said Mr Gurney.

“AUSVEG extends its congratulations to Mr Dol, and the rest of the team at Blush and Costa Exchange in Guyra for this achievement,” said Mr Gurney.

The Guyra glasshouse facility is the size of approximately eight AFL football fields, and is a leader in water and crop treatment efficiency.

“The Greenhouse facilities that are operated by Mr Dol are state-of-the-art, and as a result are incredibly efficient. It is encouraging to see that Australian growers are being recognised for facilities which in many cases represent global best-practice,” said Mr Gurney. 

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