With the silly season wrapping up and a fresh year ahead, many Australians will now be thinking about making some positive lifestyle changes for 2012. Topping the list of new year’s resolutions will be getting into shape, detoxing and eating healthier foods.

“At the start of the new year many of us typically think about how we can shed a few kilos, cleanse the body and adopt a healthier diet. Research in Australia and overseas has shown that these goals can be assisted by increasing our intake of fresh fruit and vegetables,” said AUSVEG Communications Officer Luke Raggatt.
“While eating healthier foods may sound like a new year’s resolution that is easier said than done, putting more fresh vegetables onto our plates as part of a balanced diet needn’t be a chore, and can be achieved by simply incorporating more fresh produce into our favourite foods.”
AUSVEG is the National Peak Industry Body for Australia’s 9,000 vegetable and potato growers.
“Making homemade pizzas using fresh Australian vegetables such as spinach, sweet potato, capsicum and pumpkin is a healthier, more nutritious and fun way for the whole family to get involved in adopting a healthier diet,” said Mr Raggatt.
“Pastas and pies are also popular dishes that can easily be adapted to include more fresh vegetables.”
Fresh fruit and vegetables contain many natural vitamins and minerals that are extremely beneficial for both nourishing and cleansing the body.
“Vegetables are rich in antioxidants and contain high levels of vitamin C and E. By eating more fresh foods, we can also reduce our intake of salt, refined sugar and carbohydrates,” said Mr Raggatt.
“AUSVEG encourages people to eat the recommended daily intake of two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables per day.”
“Australian grown vegetables continue to be some of the freshest and most nutritious produce in the world and AUSVEG encourages all Australians to make 2012, Year of the Farmer, the year for incorporating more fresh vegetables into their diet and supporting local industry.”
“While New Year’s resolutions are often difficult to stick to, increasing our intake of fresh fruit and vegetables is an effective way of adopting a healthier and more nutritious diet and doesn’t mean we have to give up our favourite foods to do so.”
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