The chief executive officers from the major horticulture organisations in Australia have come together and established a new taskforce to respond to issues and lobby all political parties.

The move comes in light of the recent decision to wind down the activities of the Horticulture Australia Council.

Mr Tony Russell, CEO of Apple and Pear Australia, the Chair of the new body, said that the new taskforce would enable the horticultural industry to continue to have a voice at the political level so that the industry was not overlooked.

“Horticulture is one of Australia’s most important industries for the economy and in providing jobs for Australian families. This new taskforce will represent those combined interests with a more targeted approach,” said Mr Russell.

“Now that the major horticultural organisations have decided on a proposed structure for the taskforce we will be approaching other members of the horticultural industry and asking for their support. This body will represent the whole industry,” he said.

The CEOs from the leading horticulture organisations recently met in Sydney to discuss the options for the industry going forward.

“There were a range of alternative views put forward during discussions and a range of concerns were expressed at the meeting. It was resolved that a new model was needed to represent horticulture and as a result the Horticulture Taskforce was established,” said Mr Russell.

“The new structure of the Horticulture Taskforce will focus on efficient and targeted use of resources on a defined number of important issues that have the agreement of the members.”

“A Chair, Deputy Chair, Richard Mulcahy (CEO of AUSVEG) and Treasurer Greg Seymour (General Manager of the Australian Mushroom Growers Association) have been elected and pending final agreement from the industry a consultant will be employed to liaise with decision-makers on significant Federal issues such as industrial relations, agricultural policy, biosecurity and water.”



Tony Russell, CEO, Apple and Pear Australia, 03 9329 3511 M: 0419 890 669

Richard Mulcahy, CEO, AUSVEG, 03 9822 0388

Greg Seymour, General Manager, Australian Mushroom Growers Ass, 02 4577 6877