Australian growers have received a valuable look at innovations taking place in the South Australian vegetable industry at the annual Horticulture Field Day, with this year’s event taking growers to key industry locations in Adelaide and surrounds.

Growers and industry members who took part in this year’s Field Day were given insights into three of the most important aspects of innovation in the vegetable industry: a visit to a TORO Australia facility, highlighting the innovations taking place in the supply chain; a visit to the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), showcasing the work done by researchers; and a visit to a field trial site at Brussels sprout grower Eastbrooke Farms, showing the benefits of on-farm development.

“The Horticulture Field Day was a chance for growers to celebrate innovation and adaptation in horticulture by visiting some of the region’s leading properties,” said AUSVEG Manager – Science and Extension Dr Jessica Lye.

“The Field Day also provided an invaluable opportunity for industry members to establish networks, share experiences and learn about the latest innovations in horticulture.

“The visit to SARDI provided growers with a chance to learn about next-generation pest trapping from researchers from Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre, as well as hearing about innovations in the grape industry in detecting pests through DNA surveillance, that could have cross-over benefits for vegetable growers.

“Being able to visit the Soil Wealth and Integrated Crop Protection field trial sites also gave growers a first-hand look at the effects of cover cropping and how it helps maintain the health and overall productivity of their soil.

“Seeing this type of innovation in action can make a huge difference in growers adopting it in their own operations. It also shows them how they can get involved in research projects to further the development of the Australian vegetable industry and be at the cutting edge of industry innovation.”

AUSVEG is the leading horticultural body representing Australia’s vegetable and potato growers.

The Horticulture Field Day, held on 15 May, preceded Hort Connections 2017, which incorporates 10 industry co-hosts and is expected to attract over 2,200 local and international delegates to the Adelaide Convention Centre over 15-17 May.

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