Australians want to know where the potatoes they consume are grown, according to the latest findings in the Potato Tracker project, an industry funded consumer research study, analysing consumer attitudes and market trends toward potatoes.

Seventy-four per cent of study respondents wanted to know which countries their potatoes are coming from, which ranked much higher than other provenance information such as state (39 per cent), region grown (26 per cent) or specific farm (6 per cent).

“In the wake of recent concerns around the safety of imported produce, spurred on by a recent Hepatitis A health scare linked to frozen berries imported from China, this study confirms that the vast majority of consumers prefer to buy Australian produce,” said AUSVEG SA State Manager, Mr Jordan Brooke-Barnett.

“It is now up to the Australian Government to give consumers the ability to exercise this choice through nationally-consistent country of origin labelling to ensure that Australian consumers have the ability to discern local from imported produce.”

AUSVEG SA is the leading body representing the interests of potato and vegetable producers in the state and provides growers with a united voice and strong representation with all levels of government.

The Potato Tracker Study was developed and funded using the National Potato Levy to provide Australian growers with the market intelligence to adapt their products and varieties grown to the needs of Australian consumers.

“Studies like Potato Tracker are important in guiding variety development, packaging and labelling for growers and pack houses in South Australia, so that the industry can keep delivering high quality fresh produce which meets evolving consumer needs.”

“Another key insight in the study was the finding that consumers preferred all-round varieties of potatoes that could do everything, rather than varieties designed for specific purposes such as roasting or mashing,” said Mr Brooke-Barnett.

South Australia produces 80 per cent of Australia’s fresh washed potatoes and the industry is central to supporting jobs in regional areas such as the Mallee and Murraylands.

“It is hoped that with the right market intelligence the industry is better placed to grow and continue its contribution to the South Australian economy,” said Mr Brooke-Barnett

The Potato Tracker project is being conducted in consultation with industry by consumer research organisation Colmar Brunton.

This project has been funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd using the National Fresh Potato Levy and funds from the Australian Government.


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