AUSVEG has released a
Biosecurity Quiz as part of its efforts to increase awareness surrounding the
importance of good biosecurity practices on-farm.


The survey can be completed by visiting the EnviroVeg website at, and aims to assist
growers to assess current practices and determine whether they are minimising
the risk of pest and diseases issues on-farm.


“Biosecurity can be a major issue for Australian growers, but with the right
knowledge and planning the risks of spreading disease can be reduced,” said
AUSVEG National Manager – Scientific Affairs, Dr Jessica Lye.


“We have taken a proactive role in helping growers to implement biosecurity
measures on their properties, as being prepared can help them more effectively
manage pest or disease outbreaks when they arise.”


The first 150 growers who complete the quiz on the EnviroVeg website and score
over 80 per cent receive a free 900cm x 600cm corflute biosecurity gate sign.


“Something as simple as a sign informing visitors to keep out of at-risk areas
can keep potential diseases at bay,” said Dr Lye.


Growers also get the chance to join the EnviroVeg Program for access to more information
on sustainable environmentally responsible management practices.


“With the support of industry programs like EnviroVeg, growers will continue to
lead the pack in environmental stewardship,” said Dr Lye.


AUSVEG is the leading horticultural body representing over 9,000 Australian
vegetable and potato growers.


EnviroVeg is the vegetable industry’s comprehensive environmental management
program and aims to improve grower bottom lines by encouraging the use of
environmentally friendly practices on-farm and demonstrating environmental best
practice to consumers.


The EnviroVeg Program is funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited
using the National Vegetable levy and funds from the Australian Government.
For further information on the EnviroVeg Program, visit


Dr Jessica Lye, AUSVEG National Manager – Scientific Affairs
Phone: (03) 9882 0277, Mobile: 0401 555 567, Email: