The first of a series of regular monthly reports tracking consumer behaviour and perception in relation to vegetables has just been released.

“Measuring purchasing habits, consumer knowledge of vegetable varieties, new product launches and how Australians prepare their vegetables, Project Harvest will track consumer trends across a number of key vegetables on a monthly basis over a three-year period in order to identify opportunities for growers to better meet consumers’ needs,” said AUSVEG Manager of Industry Development and Communications, Mr Andrew White.

“There is an increasing need in the Australian vegetable industry to monitor and gauge consumer perception and behaviour in relation to vegetables,” said Mr White.

“Understanding consumer purchasing behaviour will be critical to identifying ways in which vegetable growers and retailers can best meet the needs of Australian consumers,” Mr White said.

AUSVEG is Australia’s leading horticulture body representing 9,000 vegetable and potato growers.

“To continue to maximise the opportunities for Australian vegetable growers it is imperative that we are able to evaluate consumer trends. For instance, if Australians are moving away from traditional meat-and-three-veg to Asian inspired cooking we may discover a raft of opportunities to supply new varieties of vegetables to the market.”

“This research will also monitor new product releases from around the globe, whether this is an entirely new product or innovative packaging of vegetables, the outcome will be positive for both growers and consumers.”

“This is exciting and innovative research for an industry that has never before conducted such a comprehensive and far reaching evaluation of Australian vegetable consumption,” said Mr White.

The research will utilise an online panel of 500 consumers with respondents representing all states and territories, as well as metro and rural areas, in order to identify opportunities for vegetable growers to better meet consumer needs.

The research project has been funded by HAL using the National Vegetable Levy and matched funds from the Australian Government.

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