An Australian beetroot grower is conducting new business by selling
organic beetroot to feed the Crown Prince of Dubai’s racehorses.
“This business deal was initiated during a recent levy-funded export mission to
the World of Perishables trade show in Dubai, where Australian vegetable
growers showcased their high quality produce to Middle Eastern and Asian
buyers,” said AUSVEG National Manager – Export Development Michael Coote.
“The first shipment left Australian shores last week, and is an example of the
unique business opportunities available in international markets outside the
usual retail and food service sectors.”
Over the past couple of years AUSVEG has been developing a strong programme in
the area of export market development, introducing around 150 supermarket and
wholesale buyers to Australian growers and also organising trade missions made
up of growers to trade events across Asia and the Middle East.
“Participation at industry trade events is an important step for growers who
are exporting or looking to begin exporting to build vital networks with
importers looking for high quality Australian vegetables,” said Mr Coote.
“Given that the value of Australian vegetable exports has increased by over
five per cent in the past year to over $270 million, stories of growers who are
expanding their markets through export are an encouraging sign that the
industry has a strong future both in Australia and abroad.”
AUSVEG is the leading horticultural body representing more than 9,000
Australian vegetable and potato growers.
Sean Croft from Arahura Farms in Victoria, the organic beetroot grower who made
the lucrative business deal following his participation on the Dubai mission,
said the opportunity to export his organic beetroots to the Crown Prince of
Dubai would be vital to increasing the profitability of his business.
“This an exciting opportunity for our business and we will increase production
on our farm. It is hard for growers to expand their businesses solely through
the domestic market, so looking abroad to export markets is an important
opportunity for growers and the industry to increase profitability,” said Mr
“Importers and consumers in these markets have increasing levels of disposable
income, and are demanding high quality vegetables. Aussie produce has a strong
reputation, and Australian growers are in a prime position to send their
produce to these countries.”
“AUSVEG is actively working with growers to provide the support they need to
access these kinds of opportunities in the international marketplace.”
Vegetable industry export development activities are funded through
Horticulture Innovation Australia using vegetable levy funds and matched funds
from the Australian Government. 

Coote, AUSVEG National Manager – Export Development
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