Australian families are playing an increasing role in consumer decisions to buy potatoes, according to the latest data from the Potato Tracker project.

Results from Wave Four of the ongoing study which gauges consumer attitudes and behaviour in relation to potatoes have revealed 51 per cent of respondents said they bought spuds because they were enjoyed by their whole family.

“This figure represents an 11 percentage point jump compared to the first wave of the project, conducted just a few months ago,” said AUSVEG spokesperson Andrew MacDonald.

AUSVEG is the leading horticultural body representing more than 2,000 Australian potato growers.

“The latest results show that on top of the fact that consumers are buying potatoes because they taste great and are easy to prepare, an increasing number of Australians are also purchasing the product because their families love them.”

“Potatoes are a great option for family meals, as they can be prepared in a variety of ways and complement a range of other foods, as this Potato Tracker data shows us.”

According to the research, potatoes are most commonly used during weekday dinners, but less so during ‘quick meals’, meaning there may be scope for Australian growers to target new, or different, eating occasions.

“Over the life of the Potato Tracker project, potatoes have repeatedly rated among the most popular vegetables for Australian consumers, and it is important that the industry continues to understand factors driving potato consumption, so that this remains the case,” said Mr MacDonald.

“Through research such as this, Australian growers will continue to gain insights in to consumer attitudes and behavior in relation to potatoes, and be better placed to identify potential market gaps, and tailor their offerings accordingly.”

The Potato Tracker project is being conducted in consultation with industry by consumer research organisation Colmar Brunton.

This project has been funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd using the National Fresh Potato Levy and funds from the Australian Government.


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