A new quarterly report entitled The Market – Q4 09 has revealed men purchase chilli four times more than women purchase the spicy vegetable, as well as a range of other revealing vegetable buying patterns in Australia.

AUSVEG Communications Manager Hugh Tobin explained that while males showed a strong preference for seasoning products such as onions and chilli, females purchased more than twice the amount of mushrooms, broccoli, pumpkin and lettuce than males.

The report, which covers the October to December 2009 quarter, was produced as part of the Vegetable Industry Development Program (VIDP), funded through grower vegetable levies with matching funds from the Australian Government and Horticulture Australia Limited.

‘Understanding our industry and the market forces that drive it is key to securing its future. Small facts such as which sex prefers chilli help our growers to better market their products to consumers,’ said Mr Tobin.

AUSVEG represents the interests of over 9,000 Australian vegetable and potato growers. The Australian vegetable industry employs 30,000 Australians and is worth $3.2 Billion annually.

‘Australian women purchase significantly more vegetables than males, with around 80 per cent of food shoppers being females. 76 per cent of females surveyed stated they purchase vegetables compared to only 64 per cent of males,’ said Mr Tobin.

Tomatoes topped the list of the most commonly purchased vegetables in Australia58 per cent of households surveyed made claim to purchasing carrots, potatoes and lettuce, while 54 per cent purchased onions. Capsicums, mushrooms, broccoli, pumpkin and zucchini rounded out the top ten vegetables being purchased.

Vegetable purchasing trends varied between the states. In SA, QLD and the NT 82 per cent of families surveyed declared regular vegetable purchases, compared to 81 per cent of Western Australian households.

Only 65 per cent of households surveyed in NSW and the ACT, and 76 per cent in VIC and TAS, stated they purchase vegetables on a regular basis.


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