AUSVEG has welcomed the announcement from the Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, the Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP, of an allocation of funds to increase the exporting skills of Australian vegetable growers under the Federal Government’s Package Assisting Small Exporters program (PASE).

The two year grant, worth over $95,000, will allow AUSVEG to develop a training package for Australian vegetable growers to increase their practical export skills.

“AUSVEG is pleased to see the Government invest in the future of the vegetable industry by allocating funds to the development of growers’ export skills,” said AUSVEG National Manager – Export Development Michael Coote.

“These funds will allow AUSVEG to provide vegetable growers with the information and tools they need to improve their export capabilities and move towards improving the long-term viability of the industry.”

“It is vital that the industry adequately prepares growers to conduct business with international buyers and utilise the momentum from recent free trade agreements with key export markets to establish potentially lucrative business deals with buyers in these regions.”

“This grant from the Government’s PASE program will help Australian vegetable growers secure their financial futures, and will help create a prosperous horticulture industry that will benefit the entire country.”

AUSVEG is the leading horticultural body representing Australia’s 9,000 vegetable and potato growers.

The vegetable industry will also benefit from an allocation of funds announced by Minister Joyce to the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for a 12 month study into innovative air freight packaging to improve the shelf life of leafy green vegetables.

“It is imperative that we improve the ability for growers to capitalise on export markets, as this will serve to reduce pressure on the domestic industry, which is already over-supplied with produce, and offers Australian growers limited opportunities to increase their revenue streams,” said Mr Coote.

“Developing export markets is a prime opportunity for growers to increase their profitability, where there is an increasing demand for premium quality produce.”

“With more than 600 million people living to our north, huge opportunities await Australian producers with the skills to export as market access opportunities are created.”

“Australia has a reputation as a world-leading producer of clean, green and safe vegetables, and local growers can use this reputation to sell their produce and improve the profitability of their operations.”

Michael Coote, AUSVEG National Manager – Export Development

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