Vegetables becoming the focal point of meals and savoury vegetable flavoured yoghurts are among the highlights of a number of trends that are predicted to burst onto the scene in 2014.

A report released by JWTInternational, a division of global marketing communications brand JWT, has highlighted the top “100 Things to Watch in 2014”, which includes a number of exciting developments predicted for food and vegetable consumption. 

“As 2014 gets into full swing, it will be exciting to see vegetables and vegetable products being used in expansive and innovative ways we have not seen before,” said AUSVEG spokesperson, Cameron Brown.

AUSVEG is the leading horticultural body representing Australia’s 9,000 vegetable and potato growers.

The JWTInternational report highlights and forecasts consumer trends and areas of growth, based on months of qualitative and quantitative research. This year’s is the ninth annual report. 

Following up on successful predictions for 2013, JWTInternational are expecting to see creative vegetable dishes with rices and legumes replace meat-heavy meals and become mainstays on the menus of more fast and casual eateries, as well as fine-dining restaurants. 

Natural vegetable yoghurts with flavours such as carrot, chopped cucumber and chili are also garnering high interest as savoury, healthy snacks, which are predicted to challenge less nutritious counterparts. 

“With consumers becoming increasingly health conscious, vegetables are expected to be seen as increasingly trendy, multi-dimensional foods,” said Mr Brown.

As sustainability will remain an issue for producers, it is believed that edible packaging will be increasingly embraced. There is already technology in use globally which allows any food to be enclosed by edible packaging.

“It’s truly exciting to have vegetables at the forefront of contemporary food and health movements.”

“We’ve long known that vegetables have the scope to be used in more ways than what is deemed to be conventional, it will be great to see consumers’ actions match these thoughts,” said Mr Brown.

AUSVEG are doing their part to harbour the development of new vegetable trends, with the 2014 Produce Innovation Seminar being held in June set to highlight a vast amount of ground-breaking initiatives to the local vegetable industry. 

The seminar will see a range of industry experts present on many topics, including the development of revolutionary products, varieties and sustainable packaging methods.       

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