Melbourne – Victoria.

Victoria is one of the largest vegetable growing regions in Australia and is also one of the largest contributors to the National Vegetable Levy. Today in Melbourne growers are being interviewed to become part of the Vegetable Industry Advisory Committee which is responsible for providing recommendations on how to invest $14 million in research and development.
AUSVEG is the National Peak Industry body representing Australia’s 9,000 vegetable and potato growers.
“Victoria is the second largest state for growing vegetables and a substantial contributor to the industry. It’s important to have strong involvement from Victorian growers as we shape the future of the industry,” said AUSVEG Communications Manager William Churchill.
While levy paying growers make up the membership of the Industry Advisory Committee (IAC), other members of the industry are also being interviewed for positions on the Working and Advisory Groups which assist the IAC with guidance on new areas that the industry should investigate.
“Researchers and other specialists in the supply chain are also being interviewed so they can bring their own new experience and ideas to the vegetable industry,” said Mr Churchill.
“The objective of these interviews is to bring fresh perspective into the research and development process and ensure that future levy investment is directed in the areas that growers require it most,” said Mr Churchill.
“Victoria has provided the largest number of candidates for these interviews and it’s a demonstration of the strength of the vegetable industry in this state,” said Mr Churchill.
Projects endorsed by these groups are funded by Horticulture Australia using the vegetable industry levy and matched funds from the Australian government.
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