Australian vegetable and potato growers should use World Environment Day 2015 as a timely reminder to continue employing the environmentally sustainable practices that have earned Australian vegetables and potatoes an international reputation as being clean, green and safe.

“Australia’s vegetable and potato growers are some of the most sustainable producers in the country, enforcing some of the world’s strictest biosecurity and quality assurance protocols on their produce,” said AUSVEG Spokesperson, Shaun Lindhe.

“Given today is World Environment Day, growers should celebrate the outstanding on-farm sustainability measures they employ to grow the world-leading produce that is their stock in trade.”

“Under the support of industry programs like EnviroVeg and EnviroVeg Platinum, they will continue to lead the pack in environmental stewardship.”

AUSVEG is the leading horticultural body representing over 9,000 Australian vegetable and potato growers.

EnviroVeg is the vegetable industry’s comprehensive environmental management program and aims to improve grower bottom lines by encouraging the use of environmentally friendly practices on-farm and demonstrating environmental best practice to consumers.

“Over 430 growers, representing around 60 per cent of Australia’s vegetable growing land, are members of EnviroVeg,” said Mr Lindhe.

“Some of Australia’s biggest vegetable producers have also recently completed audits for EnviroVeg Platinum, which is extremely exciting, as they can use the EnviroVeg logo, allowing consumers to identify their environmentally friendly produce,” said Mr Lindhe.

AUSVEG has also produced an EnviroVeg smartphone app, which allows growers to easily monitor areas such as energy and water use.

“The EnviroVeg App is yet another step forward for the vegetable industry and has provided growers with a convenient tool to allow them to observe responsible farming practices,” said Mr Lindhe.

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