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Mega Pests – Managing Sucking Pests

This fact sheet outlines information on sucking pests and how to control them. A case study of a capsicum grower’s personal experience in adopting Integrated … Read more

Fruit fly research: Gap analysis

Fruit flies are recognised as one of horticulture’s most serious pests. A number of important species attack fruiting vegetables such as zucchini, capsicums, cucumber and … Read more

Weed Management In Lettuce

The project identifies a range of new herbicides suitable for lettuce production in Australia with evaluation of three new herbicides in terms of crop safety … Read more

Weed Management In Capsicums And Chillis

This project identified, screened and collected efficacy, crop safety and residue data for a range of new herbicides for capsicum and chilli production.

Weed management

Australian vegetable production is characterised by a diversity of crop types, grown in intensive rotations, across the wide range of environments Australia has to offer. … Read more

Spray Application Basics

This fact sheet covers basic principles of spray application, including information on droplet size, nozzle selection and water quality.

Mega Pests – Soilborne Diseases

This fact sheet outlines management strategies dealing with soilborne diseases, such as clubroot, and looks at a case study of onion white rot using Integrated … Read more