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Pathogen persistence from paddock to plate

Consumers naturally expect that food they eat will not make them sick. Bacteria that cause illness, such as E. coli and Salmonella, can be present … Read more

Post Harvest Management for Vegetables

A fact sheet outlining how to maintain the quality of vegetable crops post harvest. Maintaining good vegetable quality requires good systems and communication throughout the … Read more

Plant Biosecurity

Biosecurity is a general description for a series of measure designed to protect businesses and the nation as a whole from the threats posed by … Read more

10 essential practices for all growers

The profitability and productivity of your greenhouse can be significantly improved by minimising the losses caused by pests and diseases. Preventative pest and disease management … Read more

Minor-use Pesticides

Vegetable growers must comply with Australian legal requirements for the use of pesticides in crop production. There are stringent regulations and standards governing the level … Read more