As we come to the end of another tough year, it’s worth reflecting on some of the positives, as well as the opportunities presented by 2024.

In the media at the moment, we are regularly hearing stories about the pressure and low prices imposed on growers by the retailers. For those of us in the industry these stories aren’t anything new, but most members of the public haven’t heard them before.

This level of public awareness of the challenges facing growers and the raw deal they get from retailers is something we see very rarely. While media attention doesn’t fix the issue, the fire it has lit under government has the potential for positive change.

We go into the new year with a fresh set of recommendations from the Parliamentary inquiry into food security that, if enacted, would go a long way to addressing many of the challenges facing growers. We also have a damning report by the Independent Reviewer of the Food and Grocery Code into the reported treatment of growers by the retailers.

In the new year, we will see both a full review of the Food and Grocery Code of Conduct and the new Senate Select Committee on Supermarket Prices get underway, with reports from both due before the end of the financial year, and the continuation of the Government’s two year Competition Review.

Momentum is building in the halls of power that could turn into potentially serious reform, and AUSVEG will be pushing hard for policy changes that work for growers, not against them.

AUSVEG would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday season, and a prosperous 2024.

The AUSVEG office will be closed from Friday 22 December until Monday 8 January.