AUSVEG National TPP Coordinator Alan Nankivell has provided this update to industry:

In two months the findings of the Transition to Management (T2M) plan for tomato potato psyllid (TPP) will be complete.

The second round of TPP trapping has commenced in the areas where large numbers of TPP were detected during the late spring/early summer round of surveillance, in which over 6,000 TPP were detected and tested for Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum (CLso). The TPP caught in this round will again be tested for CLso, and results will be validated by a laboratory interstate.

The first drafts of industry-specific enterprise management plans have been completed and are currently undergoing a rewrite, taking on board feedback from industry stakeholders and scientists. Further industry comment will be gathered over the April period and the finalised forms of these documents will form part of the National Management Plan. As new knowledge is developed during the coming years, this will also be incorporated into the national plan, ensuring it remains current and supports an effective management strategy for TPP.

Turning to another important plan: the Plant Health Committee (PHC) is currently considering its next step. I thank all stakeholders for their contributions, and particularly the seed growers and accreditation agencies that have contributed their experience and knowledge to providing advice to PHC members.

As we all develop our knowledge and management practices to live with TPP, I look forward to facilitating many industry discussions. It is through these discussions that we will build our industry’s confidence to make robust management decisions and mitigate the impact of TPP.

In closing, I would like to note that I was recently given a great chance to learn about potato growing in Tasmania, and I would like to thank Les Murdoch (Simplot) and Greg Bullock (McCain Foods) for providing me with the opportunity.

Any industry members who are interested in further information about the T2M plan or who would like to suggest a research idea can contact me on 0428 260 430 or at

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