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Links to each of the key vegetable groups in Australia, including a range of information on vegetables categorised under each group, plant diseases and disorders, key pests, management, and control measures, and related technical resources for additional reference.

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Detailed information about the key pests, diseases, and disorders affecting vegetable crops in Australia – their identification, types, management, and related technical resources for additional reference.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM):

This page provides an overview of IPM, key IPM principles, management components of IPM, IPM resources, and source of technical information and related tools.

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Pesticide Guides

VG16060 – Vegetable Agrichemical Pest Management Needs and Priorities – This project aims to prioritise agrichemical efforts by identifying pest priorities for vegetable commodities. One outcome of this project will be in updating the industry Strategic Agrichemical Review Processes (SARPs).

For more information on VG16060 please see the following link

Integrated Weed Management (IWM)

Integrated weed management (IWM) is about combining a series of small management changes to produce a big result. Continually using only one or two methods of weed control, such as herbicides or tillage, can apply evolutionary pressure that encourages the growth of weeds resistant to those methods.

IWM doesn’t require a drastic change in management, but together these integrated practices could add up to a profound difference in the weed burden that growers deal with from year to year.

A strategic approach to weed management for the Australian vegetable industry (VG15070) sought to measure and cost-out these types of integrated strategies, with a focus on high priority weeds.



The Integrated weed management manual helps growers to identify and manage weeds in vegetable crops.

Includes: Introduction; Part 1, the impact of weeds; Part 2, the principles; Part 3, methods of integrated weed management in vegetable production


LOTE resources

Case studies

Priority weed management guides


Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided on the crop protection pages have been compiled from the outputs of levy-funded projects and State Government Departments of Primary Industries/Agriculture. Also note that the content provided is general in nature and does not cover all pests and diseases. Growers are encouraged to refer to the related technical tools and seek expert assistance in the identification and management of pests and diseases.