GAIN objectives were to: • To enhance, resource and manage a GAIN social media presence and discussion activities; • To deliver an annual webinar on a topic that will transfer knowledge from researchers to industry leaders around one of the key industry issues; • To organize and resource an annual GAIN planning gathering and field trip in connection with one of the current industry stakeholder events; • To resource ongoing mentoring and coaching for graduates; • To facilitate one GAIN response to a key industry issue. GAIN was funded to meet the following targets: • A connected leadership graduate alumni through social media platforms and one face-to-face activity per annum • A regular publicly available Alumni activity calendar. • A research informed leadership group through Alumni face-to-face activities (1/annum), webinar event (1/annum) and social media activity (1/quarter). • An Alumni with ongoing engagement with industry activities (see above). • An evaluated Alumni (1 evaluation report/annum) VG13036 has had some of the GAIN deliverables rolled into the VG15030 and therefore a number of project deliverables have been completed under the new project targets however the following project activities have been delivered: – • 2014 o development of three (3) information sharing platforms – LinkedIn; Facebook and twitter o twenty (20) communications through social media and email list newsletters o one (1) webinar o one (1) industry forum activity o mentoring and support of graduates • 2015 o continual communication via information sharing platforms o twenty-five (25) communications o two (2) industry forum activities o two (2) industry tours o mentoring and support of graduates • 2016 (delivered under the VG15030) o continual communication via information sharing platforms o six (6) communications o two (2) industry forum activities o one (1) online forum Throughout the 2½ years of funding under VG13036 2014 and 2015 project outcomes have been delivered. The project has delivered highly successful outcomes for graduates and has met its objectives. It is recognised, valued and supported by key industry stakeholders and has a reputation as a quality, activity-focused program that is key to the industry’s leadership development.