Growing Leaders 2013-2015 – National Vegetable Industry Leadership Program successfully completed its seventh year of delivery. The current project has now concluded and funding has been secured for a further three years of delivery (VG15030). Growing Leaders (GL) 2013-2015 objectives were to: • Develop the industry leadership confidence • Develop the leadership skills and abilities of the vegetable industry • Encourage networking and knowledge for positive industry outcomes. The program was required to meet the following targets: • 12+ graduates of a the GL program 2013-2015, • Minimum of 80% of program participants to complete GL 2013-2015, and • Program participants to meet following supply chain ratio of 2 levy paying growers: 1 value chain member. • Program content includes: – o 29 skill development workshops, 13 industry networking events and 10 guest speaker/panel sessions. o The learning activities and outcomes that support graduates to seek formal assessment through a registered training provider against accredited outcomes. Forty-two graduates (26 men, 16 women) from across the industry value chain graduated from the GL 2013-2015 program. This represented a 17% over-delivery by the project manager. The graduates were reflective of the whole industry and were an intelligent and engaged, willing to take on new ideas and be challenged Program outcomes were perceived to have been delivered at multi-faceted levels of personal, business and industry. Annually the nine-day face-to-face program included 29 skill development workshops, a minimum13 industry networking events and a minimum 10 guest speakers or panel sessions.