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Wind power on-farm power generation

Research into on farm power generation has produced details of the options, and explored feasibility of adoption of such systems. Growers can use this to … Read more

Vegetable Climate Website

The Vegetable Climate website is a key resource linking Australia’s climate and the vegetable industry and was designed to help growers understand climate variability, government … Read more

Vegetable Biosecurity & Quarantine Gap Analysis

this review highlights the changing nature of global quarantine and biosecurity, the components industry biosecurity, the expectations of industries and governments in driving forward evidence … Read more

Pesticide Regulation Coordinator

This project provides a coordinated response to farm chemical related regulatory issues at the domestic and international levels such as chemical reviews to ensure continued … Read more

Business case: Property relocation Part A

This fact sheet, the first of two parts, provides information that growers should consider when expanding, relocating or subdividing land. There are many financial, water … Read more