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Consumer usage and attitude tracking 2022/23

The insights gained from this program helped industry answer questions such as: How do consumer trends and movements in behaviours, usage and attitudes to fresh … Read more

Phenomenom – The Good Mood Food Module

This project, which was completed during 2020, expanded the number of Phenomenom resources available by adding a module that educates children, parents and teachers on … Read more

Onion consumer usage and attitudinal study

This short investment investigated consumer attitudes towards onions. The study provided the onion industry with an understanding of triggers and barriers to purchase as well … Read more

Onion-specific Phenomenom resource creation

Spanning for six months, this project educated children about the nutritional benefits of Australian onions through the Phenomenom resources which demonstrate the link between soil … Read more

Foodservice foundational market insights

This investment has delivered market insights into the foodservice sector for the avocado, melon, mushroom, onion, papaya, sweetpotato and vegetable industries. These insights can be … Read more

Australian horticulture international demand creation

This investment delivered insights into what the international consumer wants across 13 priority markets for the Australian horticulture sector. A comprehensive understanding of what drives … Read more

Consumer demand spaces for horticulture

In 2022, this investment identified and prioritised opportunities for the horticulture sector to engage consumers and build demand across the domestic market for fruits, nuts … Read more

Naturally Nutritious

The Naturally Nutritious project, which ran from 2016 until 2021, investigated the health benefits of a range of fruit, vegetables, and nuts to inform the … Read more