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Less Energy More Profit article

Infotech Research conducted a series of 22 energy audits of levy paying vegetable growers in 2014, as part of a project with Horticulture Innovation Australia … Read more

Pre-harvest sanitisation of leafy green vegetables

In 2023, this project reviewed the published literature and industry practices on emerging and current pre-harvest risk management strategies of leafy vegetables that are, or … Read more

Market opportunity for vegetable juices

This project was undertaken to help Hort Innovation and the Australian vegetable industry to understand the market opportunity for vegetable juices. Very little was known … Read more

Vegetable snacking options market research – Stage 2

Through a range of activities, including market and desktop research and industry engagement, this project analysed the distribution channels that have potential to deliver vegetable snacks … Read more

Packaging Of Pre-Prepared Vegetables

The Food Research Institute conducted this project to evaluate the effectiveness of modified atmospheric packaging for value-adding and shelf-life extension of shredded lettuce, mixed lettuce, … Read more