Growing the workforce is a big focus for the horticulture industry. For the past few years, the industry has faced workforce shortages and has relied on a foreign workforce to fill many roles on farm. This issue combined with the rising age of farmers is putting pressure on the future workforce of the horticulture industry.

The $8 billion horticulture industry is growing quickly and has the target of reaching $15 billion by 2030. With the rapid expansion of the industry and the added government funding there has never been a better time to get into the industry.

Despite the rapid growth rate of the industry there is declining interest from youth to take up careers in horticulture. There are many reasons for this, one is that youth are not being exposed to horticultural career opportunities. Students, teachers, and career councillors are all not aware of the plethora of rewarding jobs on the land.

It is important schools are equip with the resources to educate students about the industry and ensure that further learning institutions are equip with the resources to create an engaging and relevant course to retain students.

AUSVEGs’ Grow your Career in Horticulture – Career Booklet
This career booklet created by AUSVEG details a range of different careers in the horticulture industry that are in high demand across Australia. The booklet also lists study pathways and training providers for courses and certificates.
Growing a Career in Horticulture
Check out the PDF ‘Growing a Career in Horticulture’ career booklet here!

AUSVEG Unpacking the Vegetable Industry Video Series
A video series telling the story of the vegetable industry. The AUSVEG Unpacking the Vegetable Industry video series looks to celebrate what the industry is really like and to tell our story and answer some of the questions the public has for the industry. In this series AUSVEG has travelled around Australia and interviewed people working in the vegetable industry to understand their experiences and perspectives.
Unpacking the Vegetable Industry

VEG Education Vocational Horticulture Program
This program has been developed on farm by Catherine Velisha, an industry leader and long-time advocate for horticulture education for school aged students. The program is tailored for senior students looking to gain an understanding of the horticulture industry by combining classroom and hands on learning in industry. Students will learn practical skills and training so they can pursue an exciting career in horticulture.
Course Details | Velisha Education (

Grow Your Career Videos
These videos explore some of the obscure but vital roles in the industry and show the daily tasks, responsibilities, and pathways of current employees on Australian farms ‚Äď many who have been able to transfer key skills from seemingly unrelated courses and past occupations to start new and successful careers in horticulture.
Horticulture ‚Äď Grow your career | AUSVEG

Discover an exciting and meaningful career in agriculture through this National Farmers Federation and Australian Government gap year program. The program matches you with a farmer in an industry of your choice and allows you to gain hands on experience whilst completing a VET course.

Developed by the Australian Government, this directory details all available TAFE courses and organisations in Australia.
My Skills ‚Äď Australia‚Äôs Training Directory

Labour Market Insights
Is an Australian Government initiative run by the National Skills Commission. The site shows a range of careers, their growth, average pay, tasks, skill level, and employment pathways among other details.
Home | Labour Market Insights

The Primezone site offers teachers with single-point access to a range of primary industries education resources. It is an initiative of the Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia.

The Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia (PIEFA) is a tripartite not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, formed through the collaboration of the Australian Government, primary industries organisations and the education sector. It has government, industry, and education membership. PIEFA’s vision is for an Australian community that understands and values its primary industries.
Primezone | Australian Agriculture Food Fibre Lesson Plans

Is a free digital toolkit for teachers that is jam-packed with engaging episodes and lesson plans that incorporate food literacy into every subject. The program was developed by Alice Zaslavsky, a previous middle school teacher and now famed food writer.
Home – Phenomenom
Ph-Teacher-Guidebook.pdf (

Born out of Victoria’s Velisha Farm by CEO Catherine Velisha, VEG Education looks to build a connection between kids and horticulture. Catherine is passionate about education and building a long-term skilled and engaged horticulture workforce. Through the VEG Education program students have the opportunity to visit Velisha Farms in person or virtually to see how their veggies get to their plate!
This program can be tailored for primary and secondary students.
VEG Schools | Velisha Education (

Food Ladder
Based in Sydney this Australian Not for Profit organisation looks to implement customised hydroponic growing systems in remote and regional locations. Through their online learning platform, they provide training videos, factsheets, and educational resources.

Farmer Time by Primezone
Farmer Time is a new virtual way to help connect students to where their food and fibre comes from. Farmer Time works with producers all around Australia and connects them with classrooms so students can chat to a real farmer.
Farmer Time | Connect Farms to Classrooms | Live Streaming

National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE)
NAAE is a program to promote higher learning for educators by allowing them to experience the industry firsthand. On a multi-day tour educators will visit multiple farms and see farming practices and technologies in action.

Apprenticeship and Traineeship Information
How to hire an apprentice or trainee factsheet.

VISA factsheet on common visas for horticultural businesses.
Please find the Visa Factsheet here!

Further Training for employees

      Use the website to search for courses and certificates to further your employees’ skills. – Search
    • VEG Education – Victoria
      Born out of Victoria’s Velisha Farm by CEO Catherine Velisha, VEG Education offers a range of programs to enhance the skills and training on farm.
      Programs | Velisha Education (

VEG Start ‚Äď for people entering the industry or for existing workers to refresh their knowledge.

VEG Safe ‚Äď this program helps businesses comply with legislation and ensure workers are safe.

VEG Smart ‚Äď helps businesses and leaders to enhance their skills through a range of themed sessions.

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