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Vegetable snacking options market research – Stage 2

Through a range of activities, including market and desktop research and industry engagement, this project analysed the distribution channels that have potential to deliver vegetable snacks … Read more

Annual Vegetable Industry Seminar 2019

The Annual Vegetable Industry Seminar 2019 (AVIS) provided funding for 250 vegetable growers from horticultural regions across Australia to attend the seminar. A contingent of … Read more

Vegetable Business Benchmarking

Project VG17000-WA successfully delivered Western Australia’s and Australia’s first 3-year vegetable industry benchmark dataset. It has published three Industry Benchmark reports and has also produced … Read more

Scanning technologies for horticultural packhouses

This project aimed to accumulate relevant knowledge about the potential of in-line scanning technology to detect market access pest and disease organisms. This knowledge will … Read more