There are several important advancements and lessons from Europe implementing a mandatory Integrated Crop Protection (ICP) approach in vegetable production systems.

The need to use ICP in Europe has driven RD&E that can be applied in the Australian context.

Watch this interactive webinar to hear from leading international researchers and practitioners from Europe and Australia, including Martin Zuijderwijk from Biobest Group in the Netherlands; Danielle Park from the EnviroVeg program; Maarten Van Helden (a skilled entomologist from SARDI with experience working in the Netherlands and France); and Doris Blaesing and Carl Larsen from the Soil Wealth ICP project.

Topics discussed include:

  • Building ICP into your current production system.
  • Tools to manage the risk of insect pests, diseases and weeds.
  • Realising the benefits of an ICP approach.