AUSVEG’s 2020 Grower Survey, gives you the chance to have your say on significant issues such as your research and development levy and help set the priorities for its advocacy agenda.

We start 2020 with a challenging outlook: The combined effects drought and fire of these unprecedented events are also significantly not only impacting vegetable and potato production, but our social and emotional well-being.

We also know that demand for our produce will only increase, driven by a growing population and a trend to plant-based food forming a higher proportion of our diet.

The challenge is how to make sure that growers can capitalise on this trend and not get left behind by rising costs and a changing industry structure.

AUSVEG is keen to understand your major concerns and to understand what you think it could do to assist.

We’d also like to understand what your longer term aspirations for the industry are, and whether you believe the industry is properly structured to meet those aspirations.

Please click here to complete the survey.