Latest technology in horticulture sector to be showcased at North Queensland field day

Time: 11am-4pm (AEST) | Friday 4 November

Location: Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, 45 Warwick Rd, Bowen

Cost: Free

Event contact: David Shorten on 0419 429 808 or at

Bowen Gumlu Growers Association (BGGA), the regional industry body representing agricultural growers, producers and businesses in North Queensland, is hosting an Innovation Field Day at the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) research station in Bowen on Friday 4 November.

BGGA encourages North QLD growers and ag businesses wishing to learn about new technologies, complete farm systems and the latest in pest and disease management to attend the exciting agtech event.

BGGA Chief Executive Officer, Ry Collins, said the field day would provide local producers with increased awareness and understanding of the different types of pests and diseases affecting fruit and vegetable crops in North QLD.

“One of our key focuses is to collaborate with industry and provide growers with information and access to technologies that help them improve on-farm efficiency, reduce input costs and remain profitable,” Mr Collins said.

Mr Collins said the event would also highlight to producers the importance and benefits of trialing and adopting innovative new technology and systems that would assist with pest and disease management in remote locations.

“It is vital that we continue to pursue new ways to meet and adapt to challenges, be more productive and sustainable and ensure our industry is able to continue to be prosperous into the future,” he said.

Robotti, one of the autonomous farm displays on the day, will demonstrate robotic weeding, seeding, spraying and slashing.

NQ Aerovation will also display their drone technology that is currently being used in the region to deploy beneficial bugs to control pests and diseases.

AUSVEG will provide information about an iMapPESTS Sentinel, which traps pests to help with identification, research and management, and entomologists from DAF will discuss fall armyworm and other current pest and disease species.

In addition, BGGA has organised two GUSS demonstrations at Ben Martin’s farm:

Please note, registrations are required for the demonstrations, either by contacting David Shorten on 0419 429 808 or at or registering online.

Mr Collins said BGGA was also delivering a project in collaboration with AgriFutures Australia under the National Producer Technology Uptake Program, which would further support grower access to new technology.

“Like the field day, the program aims to increase grower awareness of new innovations in machinery, computer and production systems, wireless, digital and other technologies,” he said.

Mr Collins said growers involved in the program would participate in a “FarmTech Planning: making your data work for you” workshop on 3 November, which would be delivered by IntellectAg in partnership with Rural Edge, to discuss current business practices, challenges and technology-focused solutions.

“Growers will also take part in a group study tour to another producing region in Australia to observe agtech in practice,” Mr Collins said.

“Growers will then experience on-farm demonstrations and trials and have access to an online resource that will allow them to more easily connect with agtech vendors, obtain pricing and identify potential return on investment through adopting new technologies in their business,” he said.

Mr Collins said the new fixed wireless tower and data centre being installed in Bowen was a positive step forwards for improving digital connectively in the region and industry.

“We hope the increased connectivity will allow producers to implement additional agtech to their farms and provide better access to wireless sensors, internet-enabled devices, automation and other precision technology to improve their production and efficiency.”

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