Works at: Corriganā€™s Produce Farms

Location: Clyde, VIC

Hi Steph, thank you for taking the time to chat!

Firstly, can you please tell us about the business and the produce that you grow?

Corriganā€™s Produce Farms is a sixth-generation family-owned and operated business. We farm over numerous locations within in the City of Casey, 50 kilometres south-east of Melbourne, and supply top quality produce to all major Australian supermarkets and wholesalers,Ā interstateĀ marketsĀ and we export overseas.

Corriganā€™s is one of the largest kale growers in Australia and we are currently supplying four different variations of kale (green, red, Tuscan and finesse). Another one of ourĀ keyĀ lines is celery ā€“ weĀ canĀ grow quality celery all-year round due to our celery seed breeding program, producingĀ our own unique varieties.Ā Our other lines include baby cos lettuce, leeks, salad onions, silverbeet, rainbow silverbeet,Ā celeriacĀ and Pak choy.

What are you up to now? What is your current role and responsibilities at Corriganā€™s Produce Farms?

This year has thrown unprecedented challenges our way and I have had to wear many different business hats. My role can shift anywhere from employee relations, managing workflow, maintaining quality and supply to marketing. I have also focused a lot of my time on communications with our customers via our social media platforms.

As part of our social media efforts, we have found an amazing chef who has been creating new recipes using our produce. She has been demonstrating great ways to add our super food items, such as kale and celeriac, to basic everyday dishes the whole family can enjoy. We have been working together to showcase innovative ways to use our produce, such as a chocolate cookie recipe that includes kale! I personally love my kale with a bit of chocolate.

I am really proud of what we have accomplished soĀ far,Ā and we are currently in the process of creating our own Corriganā€™s cookbook.

Stephanie Corrigan.

Tell us ā€“ what do you enjoy most about working in the vegetable industry?

I honestly love this industry.Ā Iā€™veĀ grown up in it and was lucky to learn from my grandfather, my mother and my uncles. NowĀ Iā€™mĀ watching the younger generation change their pathways to find their way onto the farm too.

This industry is so diverse and constantly changing that it meansĀ thereā€™sĀ something for everyone. My sister completed a Bachelor of Criminology and Psychology and is now involved with theĀ admin and assisting mum. My cousin Stacey isĀ works in outĀ logisticsĀ departmentĀ and my cousin Kurt is involved with field preparation,Ā irrigationĀ and quality assurance.

Even my brother-in-law, Luke, joined the Corriganā€™s team assisting with field and packhouse operations. My brother Tate has recently changed his university course from commerce and engineering to a Bachelor of Agricultural Science, as he found his love for the industry too.

Now looking at future farm plans: where would you like to see the business develop across the next 5-10 years?

Corriganā€™s is constantly striving towards new and innovative ideas and, with more family coming on board and changes in our sales and logistics operations, I see the next 5-10 years focused on growth.

I would also love to focus on more specialisation within our current produce lines and hopefully we can find more land to grow on.

I would love to see people eating more kale too!

Where can we find out more about Corriganā€™s Produce Farms?

Our social media pages are very active. If you follow us onĀ InstagramĀ andĀ Facebook,Ā you will see new recipes posted almostĀ every dayĀ and posts showcasing the exceptional work by our team at Corriganā€™s.

Find Corriganā€™s on:

Instagram: @corrigansfarm

Facebook: Corrigan’s Produce Farms


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