EnviroVeg is an industry-led environmental best-practice management program for vegetable production businesses.

It provides resources for sustainable growing techniques and represents vegetable businesses as responsible stewards of land, water and biodiversity.

The program is available for new members to join. In 2020, it is FREE to all levy-paying vegetable growers, so sign up today by clicking this link.

Reasons why vegetable growers should join EnviroVeg:

  • To have their environmental practices recognised and acknowledged.
  • To identify farming practices that they already have in place that have a beneficial environmental impact.
  • To be able to demonstrate to their community and their retail partners that they are actively engaged in environmentally responsible vegetable production.

For further information about the updated program, contact EnviroVeg Program Coordinator Danielle Park on 0432 324 822 or at danielle.park@ausveg.com.au.

The EnviroVeg Program 2017-2022 (VG16063) is a strategic levy investment under the Hort Innovation Vegetable Fund.