Growcom has announced a new collaboration with internet sensation Nat’s What I Reckon, as a part of its national healthy eating campaign Eat Yourself to Health.

The Eat Yourself to Health campaign encourages all Australians to ‘Eat Up! and Branch Out!’ by increasing their consumption of fresh foods and introducing into their diet fruits, vegetables and nuts they wouldn’t normally eat.

Sydney-based comedian Nat is the brains and the face of Nat’s What I Reckon — a decade old YouTube channel that went viral at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Nat said that when he saw that fresh produce was being left on shelves during COVID panic buying, he declared a war on packaged food and began challenging people to get back into cooking fresh produce, through a series of social media cooking videos.

The new collaboration adds to the campaign’s work to establish real dietary behaviour changes among Australians well beyond COVID.

You can also join the conversation today via social media, on Facebook and Instagram at @eatyourselftohealthau or use the hashtag #EatYourselfToHealth.