Applied Horticultural Research has two webinar recordings available to potato growers as part of the Hort Innovation-funded PotatoLink project:

Webinar recording: Soil Biology in Potato Production Masterclass 2021 Part 3: Managing soil nitrogen

PotatoLink team member Marc Hinderager looks into nitrogen availability in potato and cover crops, and its impact on soil biology:

Webinar recording:  Precision Ag webinar series – Imagery is more than pretty pictures

PotatoLink team member Frank Mulcahy will touch on the following topics:

  • Historical mapping and crop conformance
  • Predictive crop modelling
  • Pioneering Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) on farm
  • Results from completed 2-year project on spatial variability in potato crops (PT13000, with Hort Innovation, Simplot, University of Sydney), see also report attached.